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Do I know you? A look into online identities and how to handle them

A look into online identities and how to handle them

Given how many systems we are navigating daily, it becomes increasingly important for us to be able to prove who we are and carry our identities with us.

Many of us move from Facebook to Instagram, to Gmail, to LinkedIn, to Twitter and even Netflix on a daily basis.

Therefore, it gets frustrating to keep creating new accounts and having to remember yet another username and password. So how do we address this issue? How do we make it easier for our users, and ourselves, to navigate all these accounts?

The answer lies in creating persistent identities that we carry with us and reuse across all of our daily systems. My introduction will take a look at how we can accomplish this.

The aim of the presentation is not to teach you how to code an authentication server

But instead to give you an overview of available technologies, how they relate to the real world, what they are, and perhaps most importantly what they are not.

I have been working with various systems for handling authentication over the years and with the rise of a more connected world it seems ever more important that we deal with this topic properly.

From making it easier for our users, to simplifying our codebase.

One of the main reasons for this presentation is that I want to introduce more people to the topic in a way that would encourage further exploration and experimentation.

What you will learn? Or what will you gain from attending this workshop?

  • Gain an understanding for the Oauth2 and OpenID Connect protocols
  • Learn how and why we use tokens both online and offline
  • Become more aware of some of the pitfalls of these technologies

Louis Hansen, avid Speaker and Consultant @ Webstep
Louis Hansen is a driven developer always striving to learn new things and share this knowledge with those around him. A co-organizer for multiple user groups at Foo Café in Malmö he enjoys discussions about craftsmanship and the many ways that a dedication to our craft can make our daily lives simpler and deliver more value to our users.

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