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Webstep proudly presents Ragnar Ingimundarson, the latest tech savvy to join our ranks

Ragnar Ingimundarson is a tech savvy Java developer with a Masters in Computer Science and a past in economics who joined our ranks at the beginning of September.

Ragnar who has a Masters in Computer Science and nearly 7 years’ experience from development, has high ambitions for the future of software development. Throughout his working career, Ragnar has worked with various programming languages and technologies but Java and its related technologies are his specialty.

“I heard that Stockholm is a great place to live in especially if you are in the IT business and that the weather here is just so much better than in Iceland. So after I had spoken to Eje Thorarinsson, and gone through the extensive interview process at Webstep last spring, we decided to move to Sweden this autumn and relocate to the beautiful town of Gustavsberg” – says Ragnar Ingimundarson, Java developer at Webstep

Recently Ragnar began working as a consultant at Webstep, where his first assignment is as a backend developer for an exciting new client in the data-analytics field.

Ragnar previously worked as an economist for about 6 years, where he used economic theories and knowledge to provide specialist advice, by studying data and statistics and by using his understanding of economic relationships to uncover trends and how to carry out considerable amounts of research and collect large amounts of information.

For me and my family there are exciting times ahead which involve new opportunities, a new country, new languages and exciting new projects” – says Ragnar Ingimundarson, Java developer at Webstep

Short about the author: Ragnar Ingimundarson, is an Icelandic software developer with a Masters in Computer Science, who travelled from Iceland to Sweden with his fiancée and their son – a decision that was fairly easy as they are both open too change, challenging projects and new experiences.

Ragnar Ingimundarson, Java developer @Webstep 2016

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