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Webstep @ Swetugg 2020

Recently I attended my first Swetugg Stockholm .Net conference (of which Webstep is a proud sponsor) and just wanted to share…

What is Swetugg?

Swetugg is an affordable .Net community conference held in Stockholm at the end of January or early February every year since 2015.

For the best explanation of what it is all about, we go direct to the source…

Swetugg started from a vision of a .NET conference having great content while still being affordable.

We aim to cover things that are relevant to you as a developer in the .NET realm, no matter if you are just starting your journey or have been writing code since the beginning of unix time. We strive for a diverse program, which means we work hard on presenting a broad spectrum of speakers and topics for you to choose from. This means the program usually covers topics ranging wide: from human skills to very technical skills.

Swetugg is run by a group of volunteers with different IT backgrounds with a common denominator: A passion for creating good software and better software developers.


With 4 streams, 48 presenters and a total of 52 sessions over the 2 days there is a huge range of topics and opportunities to learn and to give an idea of the variety I have listed below the ones that I personally attended.

As you can see there is a wide scope, with some old topics, some new, some that I know a little about but would like to know more, some that I know nothing about but wanted to learn the basics…so in summary, there is something for everyone!

Thank you so much to the presenters of these sessions (and also the ones that I unfortunately did not get to see) for taking the time and considerable effort to share their knowledge.

Day 1

Topics for today covered Docker, Blazor, IdentityServer, Microservices, some more Blazor, Security in .Net Core 3 and finally gRPC!

Day 2

Topics for today covered CosmosDB, Kubernetes, XAML, Accessibility, AI with Python and to finish off some more Blazor!

See all the speakers here.

What was the focus?

As anybody involved with .Net knows, it is an exciting time at the moment with a lot of change and things to learn.

There was a number of sessions around .Net Core, Microservices, Azure and the cloud, CI and DevOps but as was indicated from the sessions I attended the really big focus right now is on Blazor!

Blazor really feels like a game changer for .Net developers (and especially those that are not expert or a fan of javascript) and how we create web applications.

We can expect that by next year it will have grown and there will be an even bigger focus and interest on the subject, so now is a great time to get on board.

There are already plenty of resources out there, so no excuses to not at least take a look — who knows maybe you will be presenting next year!

Learn more here.

Who was the star of the show?

Maybe I am biased, but for me the star of the show was our very own Webstepper Åke Järvklo with his talk on “Embracing Accessibility?”.

It was not only superbly presented with a passion and knowledge that was unique, but it is also such an important topic and a message that everybody needs to hear!

There were many important points to take out of the session, including…

Accessibility is for all of us (there is no them and us)

You do not know who you are excluding.

It is not hard to get started…so do something!

If you get the opportunity to see Åke doing this presentation in the future, then it will be worth your while to attend and become inspired to make an important difference!

If you don’t get that chance, then there is some excellent information available at these links to get you started…

Vägledningen för webbutveckling

Accessibility: why you should get on board

Accessibility Guidelines

Microsoft Accessibility

WebAIM: Newsletter


Thank you to the organizers

Over the years I have been to a number of conferences, big and small and I have to say that this was one of the best that I have attended. The content was varied with an expert level of knowledge, with a wide range of backgrounds from stars of the .Net world to local developers — and all with something valid to say!

Most importantly the content was great, but so was everything the venue, the food, the timing and the whole overall organisation.

When things work so well it is easy to overlook the hard work that goes into making it so and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the organizers, who working on a volunteer basis, must have put in countless hours to make this happen.

From the website, these are the people who make it happen (and there are probably many more involved as well)…to you all from us all…thank you!

Also thanks to Webstep and the other sponsors that help to make it an affordable conference!


Overall, what a fantastic 2 days of learning.

If you get the chance to go next year then I would strongly advise that take the opportunity to learn and be inspired and I will see you there!

If you do attend, be sure to drop by the Webstep stand and (if like this year) grab some popcorn and play some retro gaming…

Written by Peter Danes, .Net consultant at Webstep.

Some of my colleagues from Webstep!

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